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Alphabet Letters Macaw Moon

Alphabet Letters

Based on the proven montessori learning method, kids develops spelling, writing and reading skills through fascinating games.

  • Uppercase and lowercase - Fun to follow the trail of the letters, it is simple and intuitive, your baby will be thrilled.
  •  Exercise - Want to give it a bit of practice ? Try the exercise mode where your child will learn to write by hand with a series of letters.
  • Matching uppercase and lowercase letters - The top shows letters in uppercase. The bottom shows letters in lowercase. Draw a line between the two letters matching uppercase and lowercase to get to the next level. Enable random order in app settings for even more challenge.
Funny Basket Macaw Moon

Funny BasketBall  Have fun with Funny Basketball. Do you like basketball ?  Try the Funny Basketball game.

The Game  The game features simple touch and drag controls and realistic physics. Tap and drag anywhere on the dotted line to change the power and angle of your shot and release to shoot.

Funny Basket Dangerous

How to play

Score as many points as possible, increase time by scoring clean shots and get goals for powerups. Earn credits, buy levels and features. Don't forget, using the aid for increase the performance ! But beware the enemies will block your route !

Funny Basket AID

With AID

- Hot Finger: Throw balls faster  
- Three Balls: Throw three balls together 
- Shrink Me: Decreases the sizes of the ball  
- Magnet: The ball is attracted to the basket  
- Full Line: Full trajectory line 
- Protection: Invulnerability

Funny Basket Levels

Discover all levels

- City Pack 1: unlock 4 new wonderful location
- City Pack 2: unlock 4 new wonderful location
- City Pack 3: unlock 4 new wonderful location
- City Pack 4: unlock 4 new wonderful location
- Graphic Pack: unlock backboards
- Ball Pack: unlock golf, tennis, volley, beach, soccer, bowling balls

Airplane Kids

Motors Wheel

Bears Numbers

Animals Wood

Shark Letters Macaw Moon

Connect Animals

Animals Wheel Macaw Moon

Talking Animals Wheel

Animals Puzzle Jungle Macaw Moon


Fred Fisherman Math Macaw Moon

Math Fisherman

ABC Letters Preschool

My First Words ABC

City Trip for Kids

City Trip

Daddy's Professions Fire Man

Dad's jobs

Toothbrush and bathroom

Toys and Object

 ice cream truck summer


remote-controlled car

Talking Motors

Fred Fisherman Math Macaw Moon

Fisher Math – Catch the fish and counts numbers

It ‘s “Fred the Fisher Math“, help him in his journey to find the correct numbers. Take it with the boat in the fishing zone and catch fish with the correct number.
Children will find a fun way to learn math, without getting bored.

  • Learn mathematical operations - The Fisherman Math is a smart app that through play and fun to make teaches math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, specifically designed for children aged 5-7 years.
  •  Fantastic graphics created for the interaction with the kids- Babies are encouraged to learn about numbers through interactions with engaging animations, sounds and sing along songs! baby can tap or tilt the screen to set a learning numbers in motion! Designed for toddler and primary school children.
  • More Levels - Upgrade the level, collect as many stars as possible and go to the shop to find out how to change the dress of Fred.

Talking Motors

A product from our extremely popular new educational line (three previous titles ranked in top 10 in iPad – educational category).
Let your kids explore an amazing world of vehicles by learning and practicing in two separate game modes. This unique app features both common farm and wild vehicles. Children will love the adorable illustrations, cute photos, and realistic sounds!

Made with Parents

Developed in close cooperation with teachers and parents, this app is designed to both educate and entertain. We hope your children will enjoy it.


The combination of photos and illustrations in this app is crucial as it significantly facilitates children’s ability to generalize and categorize concepts. 

ScreenShot Apps Kids Motors


Tap on the vehicles and hear its sound, tap again and hear its name or watch how it – rotates funnily


Is your child a bit advanced and wants some more challenge? or to practice the newly acquired skills? Sure thing! Tap on the Game button to get to the Game mode and enjoy the lovely fairy tale setting.


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